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I began taking pictures as a teenager with a Pentax K100 that my father had given me. He was a serious amateur photographer and after a trip to Yosemite together, I was certain that I actually wanted to become a landscape photographer. This goal was pretty short-lived when at fourteen, I began using my camera as a way to gain free admittance to music clubs on Hollywood 's Sunset Strip.  In exchange for a spot on the band's guest list, I traded copies of the photos I shot of the bands that played there. I spent the next several years frequenting the Whisky, Roxy, and Starwood.

My  portfolio continued to grow while I spent time at a Hollywood recording studio and attending out-of-town shows.  After developing the film and printing the photos in my home darkroom, I would meet the band to deliver the results. My parents became reluctant hosts to various musicians who often came to our house. I began contributing to punk rock fanzines locally and internationally.

Eventually, I started writing columns and contributing photos for Maximun Rock and Roll as well as We Got Power magazine. Thank you, Dave Markey and Jordan Schwartz along with all the good folks at Flipside.

After graduating from college I moved to Seattle in 1990, and quickly joined forces with a successful photo studio, continuing to shoot bands as the city’s music scene entered the spotlight on the world stage.

Business was good  and expanded to include portraiture, weddings and other events. I received stock representation with Corbis and Getty Images.  Current projects include a photographic memoir documenting the time I spent photographing musicians.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Stan and Wilma Braun, who without their patience and support (or complete naiveté​),  this body of work would not be possible.


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Alison Braun

Alison Braun


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